Review: Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach


Hello Lovelies,

I don’t know about the rest of you but I suffer from having some very dark under eyes, and it’s never been a solution just to slap on a concealer, or bring my foundation up to my lash line. I’ve always needed something more: a corrector.


This iconic cream by Bobbi Brown is amazing for counteracting the blue and green tones that can gather under the eyes, the kind of look that without makeup garners comments like “Are you sick?” “Are you feeling well?” but probably the most accurate, “You look tired”. This corrector come in two tones, bisque a more pink undertone, and peach a more salmon peach tone. I’ve found that for those of you with more pink or rosy undertones that the bisque is more suited while those with more yellow tones in their skin are better suited for the peach line.

I’m using the shade light peach which is a great match for my medium yellow toned skin. I usually apply this underneath my foundation so it blends in easier and I’ve found that applying it with my finger is the best method. The texture of this cream is actually quite firm so I like having the additional warmth of my fingers to blend things out. I’ve found with a brush that it can look a bit cakey and fake, it also takes longer and requires more product.


This is housed in a small black compact with a mirror in the lid too small to really accomplish anything but oh well. Over all its very slim and compact which makes it great for traveling or keeping in your purse for touch ups throughout the day.


This little pot of goodness is quite inexpensive at $25 for 0.5 oz of product.


I really love this product and how it makes go from looking haggard to awake and bright eyed in mere seconds. I highly suggest it if you have darkness around your eyes, or anywhere really!

Now for some swatches and pictures!



Have you ever tried this? Until next time . . .

real veronica


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