Review: Bdellium Tools 763, 785, 944


Hello Lovelies,

After watching a video done by LisalisaD1, she mentioned a fantastic Bdellium tool for blending out concealer, so of course as with all Youtube recommended products, I had to check it out. After looking at the site I was able to get the opportunity to try out some of their brushes. I did receive these brushes for free as a part of the Bdellium Tools Product Review Program, but that in no way alters my opinion of the brushes.

All the brushes I received are a part of the Studio line, which is really interesting, because all the brushes are antibacterial – yes you read that correctly. The bristles make it harder for bacteria or fungus to grow and if you’ve ever suffered from acne you know the difference clean brushes can make on the quality of your skin but also how it applies.

763 – Studio Angled Brow

This small angled brush is perfect for the brows as the name suggests. It’s bristles are quite firm and tightly packed together so its easy to get full color from any powder products. It’s a little bit thicker than my other angled brush and the bristles aren’t as smooth – but thats why I love this brush so much, it creates a very natural and full look to the brows thats soft enough not to look drawn on but also defined enough so you don’t look sloppy. Overall a great brush that does exactly what it says it will do. This brush sells for $8.00 a great bargain for such a good brush.

785 – Studio Tapered Blending

I feel like you can never have too many blending brushes in your arsenal, and this one makes a great addition to any collection of brushes. It’s like the perfect mix between a MAC 217 and 224, I love using this for placing blending colors in my crease or blending out any darker colors. The only thing that keeps this from being a perfect brush is the bristles, they are just a touch scratchy, so if you have sensitive eyes this may not be the best option for you. I don’t notice it any more but the first time I used this brush I noticed it. This brush sells for $8.50, incredibly affordable.

944 – Studio Tapered Contour

This is one brush that was completely missing from my arsenal and I’m not sure what I did before this came into my life, I don’t use it for contouring, instead I use it for applying highlighter to my cheekbones and it’s amazing, it’s also incredibly soft on the skin. It blends everything perfectly but never applies too much – just amazing. I have absolutely no qualms with this brush – it’s basically perfect. This brush sells for $15.00 a little bit more expensive than the eye brushes but still incredibly affordable.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it interesting. What brush should I try out next? Until next time . . .

real veronica


8 thoughts on “Review: Bdellium Tools 763, 785, 944

    • Hey Carla!
      Thanks for reading, I’ve never tried out the sigma one, though I had been thinking of getting it for ages. So I can’t give you a comparison but I will say that the bdellium 944 is very soft! I won’t say its the softest brush I own, however it’s average, its no scratchier than any of my MAC or Real Technique brushes. And When I first used it I thought it was soft, I didn’t think it was scratchy at all. I hope this was helpful! Let me know which one you end up getting 🙂


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