Tried it . . .Returned it


Hello Lovelies,

Today I bring you some very sad and controversial news. Recently I tried out the new NARS All Day Luminous Foundation – the liquid version and I had to return it. This is the first product from NARS that I’ve ever returned and I’m really sad this product didn’t work out for me.

This foundation is supposed to be 16 hour wear, full coverage (in one pump mind you), and have a luminous but matte finish. It is not 16 hour wear, I would say 10 hours is more accurate, and my skin looked awful at the end of those 10 hours. It is not full coverage, medium at best, plus I had to use at least 2 pumps to cover my face and that still wasn’t enough coverage for the look I wanted. Not that I was looking for a full coverage look, I was simply trying to achieve my everyday base of medium coverage. And as for the finish? Nothing about this is luminous – it is matte, super matte.

I wanted to love this so much because to me it promised to be a true holy grail foundation, but for me this was a total fail. I tried applying this with fingers, brushes, and sponges, over primer, no primer – and I only managed to get it to look OK one way. But for me if a foundation is $48, I’m not going to settle for it looking OK, I need to be confident in the way my skin looks and be happy with it.

As I went to return this I found out that this foundation is set to replace their Sheer Matte foundation, had I known that this was the kind of foundation it was replacing I’m not really sure I would have ever tried this. I have dry skin and even with copious amounts of moisturizer and exfoliating this foundation still managed to attach itself and exaggerate any dry patches I had – and by the end of day create dry patches that weren’t there to begin with. No matter what primer I used within a couple of hours this would completely sink into my pores and begin wearing off around my nose. I’ve bought a new foundation to replace this one and there should be a review of it up very soon.

So I would say if you’re still interested in trying this out, get a sample before buying it, and also if you have dry skin I would be wary of this specific formula. However I have a feeling those of you out there with combo to oily skin will have much better luck with this than I did. Have you guys seen this foundation? Is it on your wishlist? Until next time . . .

real veronica

*For reference I bought the shade Fiji, which was a great match for me and I use Fiji in the Sheer Glow formula. And I’m about an NC20 or NC25 in MAC.


9 thoughts on “Tried it . . .Returned it

  1. Thanks for the review! Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you. I have never tried any Nars products yet because they’re a bit expensive lol. So it’s completely understandable that if you’re not happy with it then you should return it. I have only used drugstore foundations but would love to try a good high-end one sometime. Looking forward to your next foundation review! 🙂 xoxo


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