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6 Bed Head Fixes!


Hello Lovelies,

Today I’m talking about bed head! Most of the time we all get bed head from tossing and turning as we try and find that perfect position – that perfect spot that will ensure a goodnights rest. A lot of that has to do with your mattress, and if you have the right mattress you won’t need to toss and turn because every time you lay down you’ll be comfortable! A company you might want to consider to get that perfect nights rest is Casper, a memory foam mattress company that combines the comfort and innovation of memory foam with a nice layer of latex that gives you the benefits of a more traditional mattress like coolness and a bit of bounce so you don’t sink down into your mattress when you’re doing something other than sleeping. Now here are some ways you can either prevent your bedhead or embrace it!

Prevent it! I don’t know about you guys but most of the time bed head is not one of my favorite looks to be rocking, so here are some of my tips to keep the dreaded bed head at bay.

  1. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase! Doing this will help reduce the friction your hair will go through in the night with any tossing or turning you may be doing. And we all know the more friction your hair endures through the night, the bigger the frizz will be in the morning. Plus sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles over time!
  2. Braid it! By pulling back your locks into a nice braid before you get to your beauty sleep, you’ll cut down majorly on the amount of frizz and knots you wake up with in the morning. When your hair is back in a braid all your hair stays nice and secure – so no knots to try and brush out while you’re trying to rush out the door!
  3. Put a little bit of hair oil in before bed! When you are tossing around at night, trying to find that perfect position to spend the next 8 hours (psh – I wish I could get 8 hours!) and you’re rubbing you head against your pillows, a lot of time that friction is made worse if your hair is dry. So put a tiny amount of hair oil throughout your hair at night to keep everything smooth, and easier to brush out in the morning.

Casper Pillow Talk

Embrace it! Sometimes you may forget to prep your hair for the next day, and you’re running late with no time to wash your hair or tame the frizz in your hair, or maybe you like the messier, undone look and you’d like to embrace a bit of bed head. Here are 3 hairstyles you can rock with the added help of your bed head.

  1. The classic messy bun. I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve used this look to either carry me through my 3rd day hair or to use my bed head as a an added bonus, not a hindrance. Simply run a brush through your hair to get most of the larger knots out, then pile up your hair on top of your head and tie it up with an elastic. Then twist up the length of your hair and twist it up and around on itself, secure it with bobby pins or another hair band and viola! done up hair in seconds! You can add more mess and detail to the look by pulling a few pieces loose from your bun and letting them dangle down by your temples.
  2. The side fishtail braid! This is something I love to do if I’m out and about and my hair gets windblown as an easy way to get my hair out of the way and still looking cute even though it’s a bit knotted and not at all sleek. The same kind of effect happens when you sleep, your hair gets a bit knotty, and you probably have some extra volume going on with the inevitable frizz. But these all can work in your favor! The added volume and body that bed head gives you, takes your side fishtail from standard to chic! Simply part your hair however you chose after you’ve gotten most of the large knots out of your hair. Then separate your hair into two pieces over which ever shoulder you choose. Then take a piece of hair from the outer edge of one group of hair and bring it over to join the opposing group of hair. Repeat until you can’t anymore, tie it all off with an elastic. Then start pulling and fussing with the braid to enhance the messy look.
  3. Big voluminous curls! I don’t know about you all but for me some of the hardest parts of curling my hair is maintaining any volume and getting texture without adding product that will only make my hair oily. Morning bedhead has both of those things – and you didn’t even need to grab a teasing comb! Simply brush out the large knots from your hair and curl away like you normally do. Then use the natural volume and texture from your beauty rest to keep your curls voluminous and perfectly imperfect. This look could also easily turn into a second day messy bun look with all the fun texture from curling your hair the day before!

These were all my favorite tips and tricks to both managing and loving my bedhead! I hope you guys enjoyed it and learned something new, tell me what do you guys do about bedhead? Until next time . . .

real veronica

** Casper contacted me and wanted my take on bed head, and to let you guys know about their company. I’m not receiving any money or benefits from you all clicking on the links, they are simply there to help you! I was not paid to make this post and I did not receive any product for this post**



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