When should you start using an eye cream?


Hello Lovelies,

As my current eye cream has been coming to it’s end I’ve been trying to find a new one to try like a mad person, creating extreme parameters for the eye cream to fit into – basically I want it to do it all and not cost over $40 – which is near impossible. But then I started thinking, I’m only 20 (21 on May 6th!!!!), do I even need to be using one? So I puled out my dreaded  – but oh-so-useful 10x zoom mirror and took a gander at the skin around my eyes. I saw no crows feet, no fine lines and no loss in elasticity, but of course I’m only 20, so I’m not really sure what I was expecting to see.

Then I reconsidered my eye cream search, did I really need all these fancy molecules and claims? Probably not. However from every anti aging except I’ve heard or read from, they always say it is easier to prevent wrinkles and fine lines than it is to reverse them. So from that I say you’re never too young to prevent aging! But I also don’t think you need to shell out $60+ just for an eye cream when you’re only trying to prevent aging. So getting something simple like Clinique’s All About Eyes, or something else along those lines, will be just fine as a preventative eye cream for any younger person.

But the bottom line here: I don’t think you can be too young to start using an eye cream – but I think late teens and early 20s is a great place to start!

Let me know what eye cream you all use (if you use one that is!) and when you started using an eye cream! Until next time . . .

real veronica


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