4 Beauty Things You’re Not Doing!!

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Hello Lovelies,

Just like eating all your vegetables and getting 30 minutes of exercise a day don’t always make it into our lives like we know it should, here are some beauty tasks you know you should be doing but aren’t!

  1. Deep Cleaning Your Brushes! Raise your hand if you know you have some brushes in your stash that are well do for a bath. Most of your probably either have a couple of these or you know you’ve done it in the past. I used to be really good at washing my brushes every week, but after a while I stopped bothering and would just spot clean them. But not only is this bad habit bad for my skin it’s also bad for your makeup! So suds up the next time you have a spare half hour, and give some of your brushes a nice deep clean.
  2. Cleaning your Makeup! This is one that I feel like hardly any of us do, but with all the money we spend on makeup I think it’s worth rotating this task in every once in a while to keep your products fresh for as long as possible. I have a full, in depth post about this, but basically spray down your powder products with a bit of rubbing alcohol every couple of weeks, and if you can store some of your lesser used cream products in the fridge – weird but effective!
  3. Throw away old lip products! This one is a toughie for me because I know sometimes a product will have a sentimental value tied to it (for me my first MAC lipstick is coming to the end of it’s days). But using an old product, simply because it has emotional ties to it, isn’t safe. So if you really can’t bare to part with that one lip gloss or lipstick, stow it away in a makeup bag, or anywhere really, so you can still keep it without risking your health.
  4. Using up old products before you buy new ones! Now this one is the real struggle for me – because I’m sure like most of you reading, I’m a beauty junkie! I love reading about it, researching, testing and buying as many products as I can get a hold of. But with the constant buying and collecting of product, your already purchased items begin to be pushed to side, unused – to the point where you can’t use them up before they go bad (see number 3!). I’ve been on a loose no-buy for the past couple of months and I’ve really focused on using products up, I have quite the pile of empties now – let me know if you’d like to see an empties post!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know any other beauty tasks you know you should be doing more often! Until next time . . .

real veronica


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