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Hello Lovelies,

This past weekend I got the amazing opportunity to attend this years’ BeautyCon event in LA. I just happened to be going down there to visit a friend and spend some time with her, when Tati (GlamLifeGuru) from youtube put up a giveaway for 5 people plus their friend to get free tickets. And like it was fated or something I won! So my best friend came down and we went to this event together! I snagged a few pictures of our time there, and even though the start of the event was a bit rocky (like the whole building being shut down by the fire marshals, BeautyCon vastly overselling the event or waiting over 2 hours to get into the building) by the end of the day we were both more than thrilled to have been able to go! I didn’t buy anything while I was there (other than a delicious snow cone) because it was just far too crazy to get into the booths I wanted to look at, but we both did snag some serious swag, which I will have at the end of the post.



Posing outside the event on the pink carpet!


Having fun with the QVC set . . .




My best friend Michelle playing around with me! We won the tickets together! And now here are all the youtubers we met in order that we met them!



Meghan Rienks, she was so much taller than I thought she would be, and so funny!




Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru), she is the girl we won the tickets through – her makeup was flawless! 




Katy Bellotte (HelloKatyXO) I just was walking around and saw her, she was so nice and let me take a picture with her!



Caitlin Bea (Glamourista16), Michelle actually saw her while we were walking – again such a nice person!


Sarah Belle, who Michelle saw walking with Caitlin, who again was much taller than I thought and so lovely to talk to!

And now for the amazing swag we got a hold of! The bulk of this came in a bag that came with our tickets, but the ItCosmetics, the QVC box and the Birchbox were all separate.



Everything that came in the swag bag, minus some promotional papers. If you want to know what anything in here is just comment and I’ll let you know!

JPEG image-44640B983E8E-1

The QVC box! I’m really excited to try out the WEN!

JPEG image-C74ACF8A7004-1

The ITCosmetics bag! I kinda wish I would have grabbed another, because I have a feeling I’m going to like the CC cream!

JPEG image-D610A2B8C4B2-1

And lastly the Birchbox! We got to go and make our own birchbox, our tickets through Tati were also sponsored by them, so we actually got to skip the line (which was amazing) and we also got out makeup touched up by their makeup artists – which was incredibly convent because right after we got to meet Tati and chat with her a bit!

Well that was it for our day at Beautycon! Expect an LA post in the next week or so because I had the best time the other 5 days I was in the area, let me know if you guys would like to see some of the other things I did while I was there! Thank you so much for reading, and please like the post! Have you ever been to a beauty event like this, or would you ever want to?

real veronica


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