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5 Tips For Glowing Skin

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Hello Lovelies,

You’ll notice that as the magazine covers are getting increasingly bronze, so might be your craving for glowing skin for yourself! I know that I’m always ready to glow like J Lo or Beyoncé, so here are some tips to get your own skin glowing like Queen B herself!

  1. Dry Brushing – This skin exfoliation method has been working itself higher and higher up on the body care radar, but if you’re not familiar with the method essentially you take a dry body brush and run it along your skin in smooth strokes, always working towards your heart. This practice has a laundry list of skin benefits, like increased circulation (which is a key factor in battling dreaded cellulite!), exfoliation and stimulating your lymphatic system, which is key to overall health. It’s best to do this right before your shower, and you’ll notice after a couple of showers your legs and arms will be sporting a more even radiant look!
  2. Body Oil – Now I’m not talking about some old school baby oil, which only accomplishes in making your skin a giant lint roll – but a true treatment for the body! Newer body oils have much smaller molecules which allow them to be more quickly absorbed by the skin, they also include a lot more skin boosting ingredients like vitamin E. My favorite is the Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil, it’s not heavy or sticky, has a beautiful spa like scent plus it will firm, tone and help with the appearance of any stretch marks. You can also find great body oils at the drugstore with ones by Neutrogena and Burt’s Bees. Keeping your skin moisturized is a must for radiant skin, and using an oil both gives you lasting hydration but also the immediate appearance of glowing skin.
  3. Moisturize (Your Face!) – Now keeping your skin moisturized isn’t just important for the skin on your body but also for your facial skin! But the skin on the face is far more sensitive and prone to adverse reactions. And while it may be tempting to slather your skin in technology’s latest and greatest, sometimes the KISS method works best – Keep It Simple Stupid. I always find that my skin looks it’s best when I’m not messing with it too much – so I try and find products that work with my skin not against it. When I really want glowing skin I use oils, and products with hyaluronic acid – my favorites being the Physicians Formula Argon oil and Origins Overnight Mask, both of which pump my skin and give me long lasting moisture!
  4. Change up your diet – “You are what you eat” is iconic for a reason, what you put into your body will show on the outside, so when you bing on junk food and soda for a while don’t be surprised when your skin is lackluster and probably sporting a few spots! Eating foods high in nutrients and good healthy fats keeps your body going strong – which will show in your skin, your eyes, your hair and your nails. Not to mention most people feel 10 x better when they are eating right! If you want any new ideas for some healthy dishes, check out these recipes from Aloha for inspiration! (Link)
  5. H2O – I almost didn’t include this tip because I know in every article people tell you to drink more water, but it’s true! I never paid much attention to my water intake until I saw this photo – a woman drank 3 liters of water everyday for a month and her skin looks incredible! So if you won’t drink more water for health reasons do it for the vanity!

852e5f81-b193-4d73-81a0-194c94603b20 These are all of my glowing skin tips! What do you guys do when you want your skin beaming?  Until next time . . . Rahni Signature


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