Review: Anastasia Contour Kit in Light/Original + Swatches!!


Hello Lovelies,

Now I know everyone and their cat seems to have this palette – and has already given this review, but I thought I would add my own to the mix!


First off I think we should all give props to Anastasia for being the first company to come out with anything like this! I know every company now has their own version, but this was the OG, plus the pans are removable, refillable, and customizable – something that has yet to be replicated from other brands. Now onto the formula!

When I first swatched this in store I thought – this must be what angel skin feels like – soft and smooth. But the product I ended up getting wasn’t quite as soft, not quite so smooth, but still much better than many other products out there. (Note: as I’ve used it the shades have gotten smoother and more pigmented – I just needed to ‘break through’ the top layer)

As far as pigmentation, I do think it could be better. The contour/bronzing colors aren’t as other standard bronzers, but they are buildable and suit light skin tones well in my opinion.

Now as for the highlighting colors, I have mixed feelings. The matte shades are great, but not for what I wanted to use them for. I wanted to use them to set my under eye concealer, but I found that every time I’ve gone to do this, it almost seems like the powder displaces the concealer or sheers it out instead of setting it. So instead I use these for subtle highlights like along my nose and jawline. And probably my least favorite color in this palette is the ‘shimmer’ highlight. I find that there isn’t enough reflection in this to highlight and the texture is a bit dry so it doesn’t blend very well.

I got this kit in the original or what it now known as the light kit, which I thinks works well for my medium skin, thought some colors I need to build up.


I love the simple black cardboard palette, for one its light, and the cardboard helps with absorbing shock so it’s less likely to cause the pans from cracking if dropped or during travel. I do wish there was a mirror in the lid, I think that was a big missed opportunity there. I love that the pans are removable so you can swap them around or if you go through the bronzer shade faster than the contour shade, then instead of buying a whole new palette you can just get the refill. I also love that you can make your own perfect kit with the singles.


This palette runs for $40 for 0.66 oz of product. Which for reference the Kat Von D palette is $46 for 0.72 oz of product with different proportions for the highlighting and contouring colors.


I love that this was the gateway for so many other contour palettes, it’s super customizable and very user friendly with the removable and interchangeable pans so no matter what you are looking for you can create the perfect combo. I think the shades could be more pigmented, but overall I highly suggest this palette!

DSC_0469_mini DSC_0479_mini


Let me know if you guys have tried this and do you contour or have some kind of bronzing and highlighting routine? Until next time . . .

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