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How to Get Through Finals!


Hello Lovelies,

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am a full time student and even though miderms are barely even over – I can still feel the impending pressure of the semester coming to a close and projects, essays and presentations being due all at once. So I thought I’d share some of my top study tips to get me through what many refer to as hell week.

  1. Plan Ahead. As you can tell I’m posting this a bit early because a lot of these tips require some planning ahead and thinking in advance for them to really work – which applies to planning out the timing of your finals. So if you can get your schools’ final schedule as soon as you can, or find out when your teachers plan on giving them to you, and what they are: is it going to be an essay, an exam or something else? Then I suggest pulling out a calendar with a months view and start plotting out all your other homework assignments along with your finals so you can get a real idea of how much time you’ll actually have to study or prepare.
  2. Schedule your study time. Treat study time like you would an appointment at your doctor’s office or your work – mandatory and a priority. If you do this and actually stick to it then you know you’ll at least get those hours to work. Also if you’re really swamped schedule it in for each of your classes. And don’t cancel because your friends want to hang out or something, because this time isn’t ‘just studying’ it’s time to get your prepared and your future self will thank you!
  3. Turn off the Wifi, and your Social Media. This is especially important if you are studying or writing an essay. Because all that time you spend scrolling just creates more time for yourself to finish your work. And I just don’t mean that time you spent scrolling alone, but the extra 5 or 10 minutes it takes afterward to get back in the ‘zone’ of focus – you know what I’m talking about, that time where you stare at your screen and just mentally complain about how much you don’t want to be doing this right now.
  4. Write it out. I know sometimes typing things out is the only way to do them, like for essays or electronic work, BUT if you’re studying terms or concepts try writing out what you need to study, and if you can, do it while saying it out loud – sounds weird I know, but it’ll help you retain the information. However this tip isn’t the best if you have a lot of studying to do or you’re crunched for time because writing everything out can be time consuming.
  5. Sleep and eat well. I know it may be tempting to pull an all-nighter, visit the vending machine for a quick snack of chips or candy, but your body and mind need you now the most! So get enough rest so your mind is at it’s best and make sure you’re eating well, or as well as you can so that your body isn’t sluggish and tired.

So these are all of my tips for getting through finals week! Please let me know if these help you out or if you have tips of your own that help you get through these stressful times. Until next time . . .

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2 thoughts on “How to Get Through Finals!

  1. These are some great tips. This is the first year that I don’t have to take finals (woohoo for being a real adult now… I think :P), but a lot of these tips are ones that I followed when I was in school. The other tip I had was studying in a public (but quiet) area like the library; that way you’ll feel as though others are judging you if you start goofing off and not actually doing your work.

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