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It’s Been Great 2015!


Hello Lovelies,

2015 have been a bit of a crazy year for me, there’s been a lot of change and adjustments in my life. I graduated from my junior college with two AA degrees – YAY- but I also transferred to a four year school about an hour away from me so I can finish up my Bachelors degree. But this means instead of being 15 minutes from school and going from 8 – noon, I now go to school an hour away from 8 to 6 at night so finding time to blog and take pictures has been a bit of a struggle for me over the past few months. I’ve also had to deal with some health issues this year, which I’m sure many of you know is very stressful thing to deal with.

But this year has also brought me so much joy! I have been loving school and all the classes I’ve been able to take and the people I’ve met over the past few months. I got to go to BeautyCon and meet so many you tubers and bloggers that I’ve been watching for years. I’ve built up relationships with some fellow bloggers and people in the industry which has just reaffirmed that what I’m doing here on the blog is what I want to be doing whether for myself or in some other capacity for a company or brand.

It is amazing to look back at each passing year and to see how much has changed and how much we have all grown. Especially looking back and thinking of when I first started the blog – where I was then in my life and where I am now – it’s just so crazy.

I hope that you all had an amazing year, I know not every day is a good one but I hope you can all look back and focus on the happy times instead of the harder times. Here is to an amazing new year filled with endless possibilities and paths, I can only hope that this coming year is better than the last – that we all finally start drinking more water, lose the last 5 pounds, or whatever it is every new years’ resolution we all say to ourselves come January 1st. Cheers!

I love you all and I thank you for continuing to read what I have to say and supporting me even when I go MIA for a couple of weeks at a time. Until next time. . .

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And in case you want to see what I’ve been up to while I haven’t been posting, check me out on my social media!

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Instagram: @thebeautyarchive


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