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Review: Laura Geller Bronze N Brighten in Medium + Swatches!


Hello Lovelies,

This baked bronzer from Laura Geller came way out of left field for me. I never really had much of an interest in her products but after getting this little freebie at BeautyCon I am so much more interested in her brand!


As you can see from the photos this product has that marbled look to it with multiple colors running though it; this supposedly has something to do with the ‘brighten’ aspect of this product – I think it’s for marketing and aesthetics  because at the end of the day you still swirl all these colors together on your brush before applying. However it is very pretty! The domed shape this product has comes from the product being baked, so it starts as a cream and then is baked – I don’t know that this makes the product any smoother than other products I have that are just pressed powders but it is smooth and easy to blend.

As for the color – I have this in medium – and I would say this is a very warm/red toned bronzer that mimics a real tan amazingly well! I would say if you’re looking for that sun kissed look then definitely take a closer look at this because the color it gives the skin isn’t orange, grey or muddy but very very natural. Saying that though you need to be more careful where you apply this because if you try and contour or shape your face very much it becomes very obvious. This bronzer is much better suited for warming up the complexion.  There is also a fairly subtle sheen that keeps the product from being matte but isn’t so much that it has a shimmer or obvious glitter.

Wear time is very average, about 8 hours before it begins to fade and displace on the skin.

Laura Geller Baked Bronze - n - Brighten Laura Geller Backed Bronze-n-Brighten


This is very classic Laura Geller with a small black compact, have the lid is clear so you can see inside, while the other half holds a small pointless mirror on the other half inside the compact. I have the deluxe sample size so please keep this in mind.


The deluxe sample size I have is 0.06 oz, while the full size is a much bigger 0.32 oz for $33. Which makes my sample size worth $6.19 and I will say that with constant use I haven’t even made much of a dent.


If you’re looking for a very natural looking bronzer that mimics tanned skin then this is definitely for you! But if you’re looking for something that can give color and shape to your face then maybe look elsewhere. A good value for sure, especially with how bendable and smooth the powder is.

Do you remember your first bronzer? Mine was Bare Minerals Warmth, until next time . . .

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