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DIY: Hair Mask with Banana, Avacado, and Coconut Oil!


Hello Lovelies,

I hope this post finds you both in a good mood, and in the mood for a hair mask! The other day, walking about with my best friend through Trader Joes, we stumbled upon a whole shelf full of food grade (aka the purest) Coconut Oil, and being that we are best friends, we read each others minds immediately. After grabbing some for ourselves, we walked away, pretending that we were going to use this for cooking, and not follow the youtube/blogger craze for Coconut oil as a hair and body savior. But alas, we could only lie to ourselves as far as the checkout line, but as soon as we were in our cars, those babies were popped open and smoothed over our tanned skin. It. Was. Amazing.

And so this post was inspired, because as soon as I got home I Googgled all sorts of hair masks and whatnot to see how I could integrate this into a hair treatment or something. After paging though many a recipes, I combined a couple to create my own. Now I’m sure someone out there has already concocted this and posted it somewhere, but this is my own, and this is what I came up with.

What You’ll Need:

–       Coconut oil, it does not have to be food grade

–       One soft/ripe banana

–       A half of a ripe avocado

–       Some lemon juice (you may not need this)

–       Either a food processor or some strong biceps and bit of patience

What You’ll Do:

–       Before you start preparing the actual mask, prep your hair by rubbing a of Coconut Oil throughout your hair, from your ears down (I put a very small amount on my scalp and the top of my head because I never have a problem with greasiness or residue)

–       Now get the banana and either put it into a food processor, which is preferably, or start mashing it up with a fork.

–       Add a half of an avocado, or the whole one if you have a lot of hair. Process this the same way you did the banana

–       ** If you won’t be using this immediately, place it onto a bow with a small opening, so more like a shallow cup, so less of the mixture is exposed to air. Now squeeze the lemon over the top, so it forms a barrio.

–       When you go to use it you can either mix in the lemon juice or pour it off

–       After the coconut oil has had some time to soak into your hair, rub this mixture into dry hair from ears to ends. Make sure you really work this in.

–       Hop into the shower and do all your normal shower stuff, though you should let it sit for at least ten minutes before rinsing out the majority of the mask with water

–       Shampoo and condition as you normally would!




And now you have incredibly moisturized, soft and most likely manageable hair! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, please tell me if you use the mask, better yet tweet me a picture @beautyarchive. Also If you enjoyed this post, please like it or if you want to see more from me, follow me either on wordpress, or if you’re visiting click the button to follow me on Bloglovin’ so you’ll be notified the next time I post something!

Until next time . . .

real veronica


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