Review: MAC Gingerly Blush + Swatches!


Hello Lovlies,

If you saw one of my previous posts about my Tarte blush, you’ll know I’ve taken to the nude and natural blush trend like fish to water. And as my hunt for the perfect natural nude blush for my skin continued I found this little lovely, and I am so happy that I found it!


This natural blush from mac is described as a ‘capri bronze’ and in all honesty I have no idea if that’s an accurate description because I have no idea what Capri means, of someone knows tell me! I would describe this as a very warm toned nude, some may even say a peachy tan color.

The formula on this, according to mac is a sheertone, but it is also matte blush. The fact that this was a sheertone really kept me from buying this for a while, because I was afraid it wouldn’t even show up on my skin. But after swatching it and swatching it I decided it was pigmented enough for me. While it may not be the most pigmented blush it would still certainly be enough for those with fair to medium tanned skin. Unfortunately I really don’t think it would be suitable for those with a deeper complexion, however I haven’t seen it on someone with a deeper complexion so I could be completely wrong. If you’re unsure of how pigmented this would be just go to a counter and swatch it for yourself.

Because this is so natural on the skin, I usually can’t tell when it’s faded from my skin, but when I have paid special attention to the wear I think it only lasts about 7 hours with some fading around the edges. I think on lighter skin it would last longer, for the simple reason that it would be more apparent on the skin.


As per MAC packaging, its very simple and sleek. A small black compact with a clear plastic lid so you can see the color on the inside.


MAC blushes are quite reasonably priced at $21 for 0.21oz of product, which is right on par with Benefit which is $28 for 0.28 oz.


I really love this blush, it’s a great neutral that goes with just about every makeup look you could imagine. Easily natural enough on those no-makeup makeup days. But also neutral enough not to deter from a bright or bold look. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, and I would definitely repurchase this if I used this all up or if it broke.

Now for the swatches!


Overall packaging


Close up of product


Backside of packaging


Swatches: heavy swatch (top), blended swatch (bottom)

Well that’s it for now, tell me if you guys are a fan of natural blush, or if you’re more one for pink and plums? Until next time . . .

real veronica


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